Members of Immortalis are automatically given a rank, and all are split the military units. If a member's purpose within the guild is purely non-combatant, exception can be granted by the Exarch Council.



The person in charge of the the main military force during combat.

Position held by: Azretha

Leader of the army of Immortalis, excluding only the elite units. She answers to the Primarch in any combat situation, but also serves as an advisor and strategist in such circumstances. As second in command during combat, she will take charge in the absence of the Primarch. She may also direct other units and give both temporary and permanent roles within the ranks at any time, although permanent positions will need approval by the Exarch Council.


The person in charge of the Special Tactics and Intelligence Unit.

Position held by: Vigmod

The leader of the more shadowy branch of Immortalis. The Shadowmaster administers and selects all members of the Special Tactics and Intelligence Group and is in charge of pointing them to their respective missions, ranging from reconnaissance to assassination. She acts as the intermediate between them and the guild leadership, being present in the Exarch Council.



While the Primarch, Exarch and Archons are quite capable of protecting themselves, this small unit is charged with guarding the Exarch Council in public situations. They act as a deterrent to any underhanded actions or assaults and, should anything happen, they are there to deal with any threats. The Honour Guard needs to be in uniform at all times to represent unity and structure, while also directing attention to the council member. They take direct orders from the Exarch Council, follow closely when the council member moves and stay silent unless otherwise required. This is only required while on duty, but is important to show confidence and leadership from the council member, as well as loyalty and trust from the members.


The elite task force of Immortalis, whose focus is to conduct the assault on enemy bases of operations or other relevant military targets. These targets are decided by the Exarch Council and tend to serve the guild interests first and foremost, but also the Alliance military. Admission to this unit is possible for any member through proper application, followed (if the application is accepted) by a trial period. The unit is made of a wide variety of classes and specializations who are expected to work as a team to accomplish their goals. Lead in battle by the Primarch.


Working in the shadows, this group of operatives is tasked with performing off the record missions of reconnaissance, spying, sabotaging and intelligence gathering. They work closely with SI:7 operatives, but serve the guild interests first and foremost. They answer to the Exarch Council exclusively but their services can be requested by other branches with approval of an Exarch. Lead in battle by the Shadowmaster.