Welcome to the Immortalis Archives

This is the grand depository of information gathered over the last 12,000 years by the Knights of the Frost, various incarnations of the Athanatoi and now Immortalis. Here you can find information about our organisation, our history, members and current activities as well as intel about the forces of the Old Gods, both past and present.


The Immortalis Archives, exterior view

The Archives started as a small collection of records at Nethergarde Keep, but as Athanatoi headquarters were moved to Westguard Keep, the records were moved to the dimensional ship Athanatoi originally used on their journey to Azeroth. It was magically restructured by Kouniam and Qialynna, to fit its new purpose. The ship has been tethered ever since in an undisclosed location within the Nether, connected to our plane of existence through a relocatable portal link; as Immortalis moves, so does the entrance to the Archives.

Entrance to the Archives

The current entrance to the Archives is located at the Shrine of Seven Stars.

The Archives are open to anyone who might want to visit them with some of the areas being restricted to members of the military organization, it is staffed by a Head Archivist and up to five Archivists all of which answer to the Exarch Council; nevertheless, full control of the Archives is exclusively held by the Head Archivist, the Exarch Council and of course our Primarch - Zelcandor Stormdrake.


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